“GOD” – Everyone uses the term and there used to be a time when most people knew what it meant. Sadly, that time is long past.

God wants us to know him and has graciously revealed himself to us through the holy scriptures that we might have hope.

We invite you to join us for our Sunday afternoon Discipleship Hour as we open our Bibles together and rediscover the God no one seems to know anymore.

We will not cover every divine attribute, but we will examine those that are given the most attention in scripture.

The class schedule is below:

Incommunicable Attributes

01/14/18  –  Independence

01/21/18  –  Immutability

01/28/18  –  Infinity

02/18/18  –  Simplicity

Communicable Attributes

02/25/18  –  Knowledge

03/11/18 –  Wisdom

03/18/18  –  Goodness

03/25/18  –  Love

04/08/18  –  Holiness

04/15/18 –  Righteousness

04/22/18  –  Veracity

04/29/18  –  Sovereignty