culture-vs-scriptureChristians are bombarded daily with message which contradict the teaching of Holy Scripture.

We plan to expose some of the most common lies so that Christians can see the world more clearly and sanctify their thinking.

The class will be conducted during our second service on Sundays, all are invited to join us, and here is the schedule (click title to view the outline):

05/10/15  –  Marriage and Sex (Pastor McShaffrey)

05/10/15 – Faith in the Public Square (Elder Baldridge)

05/31/15 – Suffering and Death (Pastor McShaffrey)

06/14/15  –  This World’s Goods (Elder Henreckson)

06/21/15  –  Internet Devices (Pastor McShaffrey)

07/12  –  Fashion or “Being Cool” (Elder Hermes)

07/19  –  Entertainment (Elder Henreckson)

07/26/15  –  Health & Fitness (Elder Baldridge)