The Five Solas

A Summary of Historic Protestant Principles

What kind of church name is that?

“Five Solas” is a phrase that every protestant should recognize, but we realize that most modern churches no longer teach their people about the historical roots and fundamental principles of protestantism.

To the right, you will see each of the “solas” stated and briefly defined.¬†Below are several other resources.

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Sola Scriptura

Scripture alone is the final arbiter of truth.

Sola Gratia

God’s unmerited favor is the only ground of our salvation.

Sola Fide

Faith is the alone instrument of our justification.

Solus Christus

Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man.

Soli Deo Gloria

Only God deserves to receive glory.


If you are only mildly curious about the Five Solas, these 5-minute videos produced by faculty members at Westminster Seminary in California will probably be a sufficient introduction.


from a Different

CHURCH Tradition?

Historically speaking, the Five Solas have been affirmed in every branch of protestantism.  While we do not agree with every one of the following authors on every point of doctrine, we include them here to demonstrate the universal influence of the Five Solas.


James White

Reformed Baptist

Stephen J. Wellum

Southern Baptist

Robin Jordan


Samuel Nafzger


Kim Riddlebarger


Kenneth Collins


James Boice


John Piper


Wikipedia Entry…


These videos from a 2015 theology conference will take you to the next level of understanding. We hope that you consider investing the time.


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