Worship is the most important thing we do as Christians. God made us for this and it is what we will be doing in heaven forever.

Unfortunately, there is much confusion in church when it comes to the nature, purpose, and proper form of worship.

Below are few principles about worship that we embrace. A fuller statement can be found in our Confession of Faith.

Worship is Divine – It is not merely a social gathering, but a divine act which is initiated, empowered, and made effectual by God himself. In public worship, God meets with his people.

Worship is God-centered – Rather than focusing on our needs, feelings, and aspirations, we believe that the chief end of worship is God’s glory. Therefore, all our acts of worship are designed to honor him.

Worship is Regulated – Since God appointed and presides over the public worship of his saints, he also reserves the right to regulate it. Therefore, we only include in our worship those things which God has commanded in his word.

Worship is Reverent – Since worship is a meeting between God and his people, we do not take it lightly. The God we worship is holy, transcendent, and most glorious. Therefore, we approach him with all due reverence.

Worship is Joyful – We spend a great portion of our time in worship singing praise to God because of the great redemption he has provided for us in Christ and because of the joy we have in the Holy Spirit.

Worship is Covenantal – God has always included the children of believers in his covenant promises. Therefore, we worship as families and encourage parents to ensure that their children are present and seated with them.