As an allegorical tale of every man’s pilgrimage to heaven, John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim Progress” has been one of the best selling Christian books of all time.

The first part (1678) focuses on the pilgrimage of a man named Christian and the second part (1684) focuses on the later pilgrimage¬† of Christian’s wife and children.

While there are some intense scenes, the story is suitable for all ages and we hope this free online audio version will prove a blessing to you and your family as you continue to sojourn through this world as stranger and pilgrims.

Also included is a high resolution map of Christian’s journey.

The First Part

Author’s Apology

1. Christian Flees the City of Destruction

2. Christian Meets Good Will and Interpreter

3. Christian Loses His Burden and Visits Palace Beautiful

4. Christian Battles Apollyon and Passes through the Valley

5. Christian Enjoys Fellowship with Faithful

6. Christian and Faithful are Brought to Trial at Vanity Fair

7. Christian Travels with Hopeful to Doubting Castle

8. Christian and Hopeful are Encouraged by Shepherds

9. Christian and Hopeful are Chastised by a Shining One

10. Christian and Hopeful Arrive at the Celestial City

Author’s Conclusion

The Second Part

Author’s Introduction (I)

Author’s Introduction (II)

1. Christiana and Companions Leave the City of Destruction

2. Christiana and Companions Meet Reliever and Interpreter

3. Christiana and Companions Learn of Justification

4. Christiana and Companions Protected and Refreshed

5. Christiana and Companions Pass Through the Valleys

6a. Christiana and Companions Meet Old Honest

6b. Christiana and Companions Stay with Gaius and Mnason

7. Christiana’s Companions Kill Giant Despair

8. Christiana and Companions Arrive at the Land of Beulah

Author’s Farewell

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