One of the slogans of the modern church is this: “Don’t GO to church, BE the church!”

While that is certainly a cute slogan, it is not completely scriptural. It would be much better to say something like this: “You ARE the church, so make sure you assemble AS the church, that you might be equipped to ACT as the church.”

Yes, that statement is probably too long to serve well as a slogan, but it will serve you well as a Christian.

Come, let us search the scriptures together this coming Lord’s Day as we study the topic of ecclesiology. Here is the class schedule:

09/09 – Terms & Definitions

09/16 – Important Distinctions

09/30 – Attribute: Unity

10/07 – Attribute: Holiness

10/14 – Attribute: Catholicity

11/04 – Attribute: Apostolicity