One of the saddest things in the world is the inconsistency that can be observed when most families get home from church.

During one hour of worship once a week, everything is just as it should be. The family is together, smiling, and honoring God. However, this changes as soon as they get home. Life, you might say, gets back to “normal”.

God expects more of Christian families. God offers more to Christian families.

Let me introduce you to a delightful book that can help you rediscover the long-lost art of maintaining daily devotion to God in your home: “Family Religion – Principles for Raising a Godly Family”

The book consists of three sermons and one treatise by the Rev. Matthew Henry (1662-1714) and I am convinced that this compilation can change your family’s daily dynamics for the better.

Here is Henry’s over-arching vision: “The families of Christians should be little churches: or, Wherever we have a house, God should have a church in it.”

How does that sound to you? Could your home use a little more church in it? If so, contact me and I will mail you a free copy of this book.

Don’t worry – There are no strings attached to this offer. I am not trying to get your family to visit our church. I just want to get your church more into your family.

Everyone benefits from this. As Henry concludes, “If there were a church in every house, there would be such a Church in our land as would make it a praise throughout all the earth. We cannot better serve our country than by keeping up religion in our families.”

– Pastor McShaffrey