“In this narrative we perceive the detestable impiety of the people, their worse than base ingratitude, and their monstrous madness, mixed with stupidity.” [John Calvin, 1509-64]

Harsh words? Perhaps. Untrue, outdated, or irrelevant? Never.

Though the incident of the Golden Calf occurred centuries ago, it is recorded in scripture that every generation might understand the nature and danger of false worship.

Join us for worship this Sunday as Pastor McShaffrey preaches through Exodus 32. The schedule and recordings are below:

04/30 – When Worship Goes Wrong (Ex. 32:1-6)

05/07 – When God’s Wrath is Kindled (Ex. 32:7-10)

05/14 – When a Saint Intercedes (Ex. 32:9-16)

05/21 – When the Church is Reformed (Ex. 32:15-35)