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It is hard to find good hymns to sing in conjunction with the administration of the sacrament of baptism.

Hymns from the Roman and Lutheran traditions tend to say too much and hymns from the Baptist tradition tend to say too little.

Below is biblically-balanced hymn written by Elijah Embree Hoss (1849-1919), a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

It is here set to the tune “Retreat” written by Thomas hastings (1784-1872). You can listen to the tune by using the player.

Note: Pastor McShaffrey slightly modified the lyrics to fit better with the phrasing of this particular tune.



O God, great Father, Lord and King!
Our children unto Thee we bring;
And strong in faith, and hope, and love,
We dare Thy steadfast Word to prove.

Thy covenant kindness did of old
Our fathers and their seed enfold;
That ancient promise standeth sure,
And shall while heav’n and earth endure.

Look down upon us while we pray,
And visit us in grace today;
These little ones in mercy take
And make them Thine for Jesus’ sake.

While they the outward sign receive,
Wilt Thou Thy Holy Spirit give?
And keep and help them by Thy power
In every dark and trying hour.

O, guide their feet in holy ways:
O, shine on them in darkest days;
Uphold them till their life be past,
And bring them all to Heav’n at last.