Based on Psalm 47:7, this class is being offered to enable our children to become worshipers by educating them in theology and encouraging them to express their knowledge joyfully through song. Here is the plan:

On Sundays at 2:00 PM, the children will assemble in the lower level to learn an advent hymn for 10 minutes and be instructed in scripture for 20 minutes (using the Westminster Shorter Catechism as an outline).

The class is open to all ages (assuming that the students can read and stay attentive in class). If you would like your children to attend, contact Pastor by October 19.

Class Schedule

10/26  –  WSC #1
11/02  –  Fellowship Meal*
11/09  –  WSC #2
11/16  –  WSC #3
11/23  –  WSC #4
11/30  –  WSC #5
12/07  –  Fellowship Meal*
12/14  –  WSC #6
12/21  –  Perform song in Advent Program

* extra song practice if needed