"Come now,

and let us reason together..." Isaiah 1:18

You are browsing the website of a reformed church. That means you have  questions on your mind. Good. 

We also have some questions of our own and the most pertinent is probably this: Why are you here?

We don’t believe in chance. We believe in God.

That means this browsing session may be more significant than you initially realize.

Maybe you need us. On the other hand, maybe we need you.

Either way, we are thankful that God, through his providence, has caused our paths to cross and we are confident that he will make known his purpose in due time.


The most important thing you will learn from our website is probably this: The Holy Bible is God’s Word.

Nowhere else will you find answers to the ultimate questions of life, death, and eternity.

Though written long ago, it remains perfectly relevant today and that is why you will find an open Bible at the center of our every church gathering.

God’s Word teaches that we were made to worship him. We will never be satisfied by anything else in this world.

Sadly, many do seek satisfaction in other things like relationships, money, alcohol, etc.

Sadder still, some churches try to make  worship “more relevant” to unsatisfied souls by offering amusements rather than honoring God.

You will not find that in reformed churches and that makes all the difference in the world.

Worship strengthens us for our daily walk.

We all struggle to walk worthy of our calling as Christians, but the good news of the gospel is that we are forgiven through the righteousness and blood of Christ. Most churches affirm that.

Here, however, is some even better news: By Christ’s Word and Spirit, we can also learn to sin less and live a more happy and holy life.

You certainly cannot do this alone, but you are not alone. We are willing to walk with you.

Learning to walk with God is a life-long process. Thankfully, it is not a complicated one.

Many churches seem to think that busy-ness is the key to Christian growth, but we prefer to keep things simple.

God has appointed something we call “the ordinary means of grace” and we have come to discover that they are sufficient to settle, strengthen, and sanctify God’s people.

We are living in uncertain times. As Christians, we should pray for the best and probably prepare for the worst.

One of the ways we are seeking to do this is by building strong interpersonal ties within a committed community of faith.

There is strength in unity, and together we will weather whatever storms may arise.

Let’s get back to this: We don’t believe in chance. God led you to our website today.

Visiting a new church is a huge step, but it may be one God is calling you to take.

Don’t worry. You can trust him.