The Holy Bible is inspired by God and able to make us complete.

We are therefore committed to reading, studying, discussing, memorizing, and obeying it.

If you have never read the Bible, you should start right now.

If you need help understanding something you read, don’t hesitate to contact our Bible Teacher.


The Sacraments are essentially “words made visible” through which God strengthens our assurance and sanctifies our lives.

There are two sacraments ordained by our Lord Jesus Christ:

1. Baptism is to be received once; as it admits believers and their children into the church.

2.The Lord’s Supper is to be received weekly; as it assists believers to abide in Christ.







Prayer is what empowers (or makes effectual) the other two means of grace. We truly are are helpless without it.

Thankfully, God himself has taught us how to pray. You can begin here if you don’t know how.

We would also be happy to pray for you or with you. Contact us today.