The Lord’s Supper brings spiritual blessings to some and serious condemnation to others (1 Corinthians 11:17-34).

The elders have, therefore, established the following “Fencing Policy” to encourage a worthy partaking of the sacrament by all who are present in our services of worship:

1. The pastor will read the official fencing statement that it is printed in the bulletin on Sundays when visitors are present.

2. The usher(s) will offer the “May I take communion?” card to all first-time visitors.

3. The elders will endeavor personally to ask first-time visitors about their good standing in a protestant church that maintains the purity of the gospel prior to the beginning of service.

4. First-time visitors who have not confirmed their church affiliation with an elder will be granted a judgment of charity and trusted to discern for themselves whether to partake.

5. If an elder knows (or has good reason to suspect) that a visitor is under discipline or in irregular standing with his church, he will alert the session by recommending the person be added to the “no communion list”.

6. The “no communion list” is a non-judicial record of those who are regular visitors at GRC, but who have not demonstrated to the session that they are worthy partakers of the Body and Blood of Christ.

7. Anyone added to the “no communion list” will not be offered the elements during communion and shall be formally invited by the session to discuss his relationship with Christ and his standing with the church visible.