Building relationships within the Body of Christ is just as important as embracing biblical doctrines.

That’s why we place a strong emphasis on fellowship in our church.

We are living in uncertain times and trying to building a strong Christian community that will be able to weather whatever storms arise in the future.


The only way we can do this is by committing ourselves to one another, spending time together, and learning to love one another. Here are some opportunities for fellowship:

Midweek Fellowship

We follow the example of the apostolic church by meeting in one another’s homes for prayer, study, and fellowship. Click here to find our current location.

Monthly Feast

On the first Lord’s Day of each month, we all bring a dish to share and spend the afternoon together (second service is cancelled).

Member Sponsored Events

We encourage members to schedule opportunities for fellowship (e.g., Hymn Sings, Sporting Events, Hiking, Service Projects, etc.).