thoughts_th“The heart of the wise teaches his mouth, and adds learning to his lips. Pleasant words are like a honeycomb: Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.”

Proverbs 16:23-24


Jeanine S. from Hillsboro comments:

“It takes up about 50 minutes to get to church but it is worth it.

There is true worship of God here, there is fellowship here, there is instruction in righteousness here.

It is a place, a group of people, where anyone serious minded about God can be.”

Ryan B. from Hillsboro comments:

“I really appreciate the time that the elders in my church take to talk to me. I’ve found their instruction helpful and encouraging in my spiritual walk.

I believe it’s crucial for Christians, especially young men in their teens and early twenties, to be constantly immersing themselves in the mentorship of wise Christian men who are much older then them.” 

Kelly M. from Reedsburg comments:

“The music and singing in worship helps lift my heart toward heaven.

My favorite thing about our church is the special bond that the saints have together in like-minded fellowship and brotherly love. You can truly feel it.”

Dennis and Jane B. from Hillsboro comment:

“GRC is a church that sings joyfully and takes the Bible and Christian life seriously. Pastor McShaffrey clearly explains the Word of God.

The straight Bible teaching at GRC, mentoring by older Christians, and fellowship of like-minded families have all contributed to our children’s spiritual growth. They each love the Lord and are active in serving Him now as young adults.”

Matt K. from Cazenovia comments:

“Becoming Reformed has allowed our family to experience and conform to the Kingdom of God as its revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

We’ve grown spiritually as a family because of the consistency of worldview, and faithfulness to scripture that Reformed doctrine and practice imparts.”

Roger and Paula G. from Richland Center comment:

“The reason we drive 30 miles to come to GRC is the reverent, orderly, and simplistic form of worship.

Also, the in-depth and rich preaching of the scriptures.” 

Craig B. from Reedsburg comments:

“I look forward to many things at church on Sunday. I enjoy the fellowship and seeing my friends from church. I like the feeling of community within the church family.

The sermon message in church is also important to me along with gaining an understanding of the application in my daily life.”

Pete S. from Reedsburg comments:

“My church upholds this core value of mine:

Your mission field is where you are, where you work and where you play. Your message is what Jesus means to you.” 

Henry, Julie, and Marcy T. from Cross Plains comment:

“The reason we drive such a long distance to attend Grace Reformed is because of the fellowship with other believers who take the Word of God seriously.

What we like best about Sundays are the challenging and thought-provoking sermons, and the opportunity to have deep conversations about God.”

Fred H. from LaValle comments:

“What I like best about Sundays is this:

I know that I will be worshiping God rather than being entertained and I know that I will hear the unvarnished truth of God’s Word.”

Wayne S. from Waupun comments:

“Thank you for your faithfulness that reaches out into these walls [Waupun Correctional Institution] with the proclammation of the gospel via Pastor McShaffrey’s messages on 89.FM every Sunday.

Unless one is similarly limited in access to sound biblical preaching and teaching, it may be difficult to image how truly blessed I am to tune in…”