When Flavius Claudius Julianus became the Emperor of Rome in A.D. 361, he did everything in his power to destroy Christianity and by reviving the old pagan religion of Rome .

He ordered all of the Imperial Schools to be re-paganized, retracted the legal and financial privileges which his predecessors had granted to the Christians, and published polemical treatises against Christian doctrine.

Anyone caught practicing or promoting the Christian faith was tortured and killed under his reign.

So complete was his hatred for the church of Christ, that he even brought excommunicated bishops back into the kingdom (hoping that their heresies might weaken the church).

It is no wonder that history renamed this Flavius Claudius Julianus.  All the history books have this antichrist listed under the heading:

Julian the Apostate

One more historical insight: During Julian’s dark reign, there was a scoffer who barked this question at a Christian, “What is your Carpenter doing now?”

The Christian responded boldly,  “Making a coffin for your Emperor!”