Author: Christian McShaffrey
Text: Colossians 3:1-4:1
Tune: Finlandia

If you were raised, then set your minds above,
Where Jesus reigns, enthroned in Majesty.
O, lift your thoughts, from earth to heav’n above,
For you are dead, your life in hid in God.
Soon Christ will come and take you far away,
Into the realms of peace and endless day.

If you were raised, then now it’s time to fight,
Wage constant war against the works of flesh.
Put off the old, and put to death all sin;
Put on the new, and be renewed in him.
For we are one, in Christ there is no shame,
Black, white, rich, poor – In Christ we’re all the same.

If you were raised, then bear with one another,
Forgive your friends, and also enemies.
For sin will come, and threaten to divide;
But let us love – Like Christ the crucified.
Just as the Lord washed all your sins away,
Let grudges go, and let them float away.

If you were raised, then let us live in peace,
At home, at work, and also in the church.
Let’s learn to honor those who are above us,
For it is God who is the Head of all.
And God will judge all evil on That Day,
So let us live as those who have been raised.