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Standard Liturgy

This standard liturgy incorporates the essential elements of worship and is organized according to the dialogical principle (i.e., where God speaks and his people respond appropriately).

Isaiah 6 – Responsive

Following the pattern of Isaiah’s life-changing experience of worship, this liturgy is designed to impress the congregation with God’s infinite glory and their privilege to be called as his servants.

Psalm 24 – Responsive

Based on this messianic Psalm of David, this liturgy was used on “Palm Sunday” in conjunction with a sermon on the “Triumphal Entry” of the Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.

In Remembrance of Me

This communion service is based on Jesus words “This do in remembrance of me.” by highlighting his virgin birth, substitutionary atonement, resurrection, abiding presence, and second coming.

Psalm 48 – Responsive

Based on Psalm 48 and used in conjunction with a sermon about the presbyterial form of church government (1 Peter 5:1-7), this liturgy emphasizes God’s faithfulness to build and protect his church.

Psalm 115 – Responsive

Based on Psalm 115 and used in conjunction with a sermon about the tension which exists between the church and the world, this liturgy exposes the futility of idolatry and the faithfulness of God.