When it comes to the topic of “spiritual warfare”, modern Christians tend to fall into one of two camps: The Obsessed & The Ignorant

Those who are obsessed with the concept think there is a demon hiding behind every bush in their front yard and those who are ignorant don’t even realize that we are at war.

Join us for worship in August-September as Pastor McShaffrey shows us a better, more  balanced, and soundly biblical view of the Christian’s holy war in this world.

The dates and recordings are below:

08/12/18 – The Call to Arms (vv. 10-13)

08/19/18 – The Belt of Sincerity (vs. 14a)

08/26/18 – The Breastplate of Righteousness (vs. 14b)

09/02/18 – The Sandals of Gospel Peace (vs. 15)

09/16/18 – The Shield of Faith (vs. 16)

09/23/18 – The Helmet of Salvation (vs. 17a)

09/30/18 – The Sword of the Spirit (vs. 17b)

10/07/18 – The Praying Soldier (vv. 18-20)