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“We live in a day of abounding vagueness and indistinctness on doctrinal subjects in religion. Now, if ever, it is the duty of all advocates of clear, well-defined, sharply-cut theology, to supply proof that their views are thoroughly borne out by Scripture…”

“I hold that the Gospel of St. John, rightly interpreted, is the best and simplest answer to those who profess to admire a vague and indistinct Christianity.”

These words were penned by Bishop J.C. Ryle over 150 years ago. If this was a cause for concern back in his day, how much more is it in ours?

Join us for worship this Sunday as we rediscover that distinctive doctrine which is lacking in so much of today’s preaching by simply allowing the words of John’s Gospel to stand as they are written. Here is the tentative schedule and past recordings:

Winter 2017

The Prologue (John 1:1-18)

Behold the Lamb (John 1:19-34)

Calling Disciples (John 1:35-51)

The First Sign (John 2:1-12)

Cleansing the Temple (John 2:13-25)

The New Birth (John 3:1-12)

God So Loved the World (John 3:12-21)

He Must Increase (John 3:22-36)

Spring 2017

The Woman at the Well (John 4:1-26)

Spirit and Truth Worship (John 4:19-26)

Witnessing (John 4:27-45)

The Second Sign (John 4:46-54)

The Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-15)

Jesus Persecuted (John 5:16-23)

Life and Judgment (John 5:24-30)

The Fivefold Witness (John 5:31-47)

Summer 2017

Feeding the Multitude (John 6:1-14)

The Presence of Christ (John 6:15-21)

The Bread of Life (John 6:22-40)

The Great Rejection (John 6:41-59)

This is a Hard Saying (John 6:60-71)

Jesus’ Brothers (John 7:1-9)

Coming Sermons

Christ the Scholar (7:14-31)
Who is This Man? (7:32-53)
Mercy for the Adulteress (8:1-11)
Jesus’ Self-Witness (8:13-30)
Truth & Freedom (8:31-47)
Arch-Blasphemy (8:48-59)
The Sixth Sign, Part I (8:1-12)
The Sixth Sign, Part II (8:13-41)
The Good Shepherd (10:1-18)
The Goats React (10:19-42)
The Seventh Sign, Part I (11:1-27)
The Seventh Sign, Part II (11:28-44)
The Seventh Sign, Part III (11:45-57)
Anointing at Bethany (12:1-8)
The Triumphal Entry (12:9-19)
The Hour Has Come (12:20-36)
Who Has believed (12:37-50)
Foot Washing (13:1-17)
The Betrayal (13:18-38)
The Only Way (14:1-11)
In His Name (14:12-14)
Another Helper (14:15-31)
The True Vine (15:1-8)
True Discipleship (15:9-27)
The Holy Spirit (16:1-15)
Sorrow to Joy (16:16-24)
Overcoming the World (16:25-33)
High-Priestly Prayer, Part I (17:1-5)
High-Priestly Prayer, Part II (17:6-19)
High-Priestly Prayer, Part III (17:20-26)
The Arrest of Jesus (18:1-14)
Peter’s Denial (18:15-27)
The Trial of Jesus (18:28-40)
Jesus Condemned (19:1-16)
Jesus Crucified (19:17-37)
Jesus Buried (19:38-42)
The Resurrection (20:1-18)
That You May Believe (20:19-31)
Breakfast by the Sea (21:1-14)
Feed My Sheep (21:15-25)