Our church sponsors a daily prayer program on 89.5 FM – WCNP.

It airs sometime between 6:15-6:30 AM on weekday mornings.

We hope it helps you to begin your day before God’s Throne of Grace.

The programs are also available below free of charge.

Click on the title to listen or save.

For the Kingdom

For Rain

For Prisoners

For the Holy Spirit

For Congress

For the Church

For those Traveling

For Youth and Schools

For the Armed Forces

For Unity

For the Faith

For Missions

For the Country

For Service

For Future Protection

For Ordinations

For Courts

For Work

For the Poor

For Travel by Sea

For Schools and Colleges

For Law Makers

For Pastors

For the Sick

For Congregations

For Children

For Social Justice

For Missionaries

Under Affliction

For Ministers and People

The Lord’s Prayer

For the Bereaved

In Time of War

For Forgiveness

In Time of War and Tumult

For the Impenitent

For Pastors

For a Sick Child

Credit: These prayers were read from the Book of Common Prayer of the Reformed Episcopal Church.