The elders walked through the property at 850 Clark Street in Reedsburg on Saturday, January 5, 2018. The presbytery’s visitation committee accompanied them.

The congregation walked through on January 20th. Everyone was very much impressed by the building.

We have begun a congregational discussion about the possibility of this becoming a permanent meeting place for our church.

This page includes basic information about the property, a video produced by the owners, and an audio presentation about the OPC loan program.


Construction notes (based on video)

– drive way drop off soffit and ceiling have no vapor barrier and couldn’t  see what they used for a construction break between the building and the drop off roof.
– blown insulation in overhead space; shoots used in there rafters.  (periodic refill will be necessary)  How much is there?
– perimeter “footing” used, but saw minimal rebar looks to be a 8-12″ slab with plumbing laid in under the slab; no crawl space.
– has ridge vent on the roof now, but did not in the construction video
– nothing shown as to what was used as a water barrier under the carpet.
– 2×6 stick framed with fiberglass batt insulation in the walls.
– Brick on exterior is a facing tied to OSB through Tyvec